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Currently the project offers two NuGets and a demo console application to cover the solution proposed.
Please see below how to use the demo and the NuGets. The NuGet packages can be used for other applications of the sort.

This project is written in C# and targeted at a .NET 4.5 framework.


  1. Demo console application
  2. InputHandlers NuGet guide
  3. CryptoQrUtilities NuGet guide

Demo console application

Available in the Downloads section is a console application named CryptoQrDemo.
In order to run it you need to have a web-cam installed on your device.

Running it, the application activates the web-cam (you will see the led lit, and a proper message will appear on your console). The application is both waiting for a QR to be shown to the web-cam, and for you to enter a text on it.

Type the password you want to create an encrypted QR from, and press 'Enter'. The QR bitmap file will be created on the same folder where the application is run from. You can pass that file to your smartphone, use the smartphone to picture it or use a QR scanner application on your smartphone to read the QR from your device's screen. Note the the QR does not read a clear text of the password.

In addition, while the console application is running, you can open another window (e.g. an internet-browser set to your email account), and click on the password textbox. Then, instead of typing the password - put the QR you took on your smartphone's screen, and show it to the device's web-cam. hold still, and the password will be automatically typed into the focused text box.

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